Rogers Internal Muffler


Tone control from the past returns…

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Rogers 4440 Internal Muffler

Another awesome reproduction part from the 21st Century Rogers resurrection team! Here we have a new Rogers Internal Muffler, a faithful replica of their original tone control using its original design features.

With a 1.75”(Diam.) x 0.5”(D.) felt dampening pad on a spring-loaded, lever adjustment arm with an original Rogers design knurled adjustment knob, this is a beautifully cast steel replica which simply, works perfectly. Before Gaffa Tape, Moongel or ‘O-Rings’, drummers were quite happy to use Internal Dampers to take out overtones which may have been interacting negatively with other instruments or microphones. As ever, the industry tried to reinvent the wheel whilst forgetting how effective the original methods were!

This Internal Damper has been designed to fit original Rogers drums as well as their modern reproductions and comes complete with inner/outer mounting plates and screws.