Rogers Center ‘Beavertail’ Lug


Hard to replace? Not any more…

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Rogers Center ‘Beavertail’ Die-Cast Lug

Another awesome reproduction part from the 21st Century Rogers resurrection team! This style of Die-Cast Lug was manufactured in Dayton Ohio until around 1972, replacing the original Drawn Brass Lugs, which were prone to cracking under stress.

The new Rogers team have made a faithful reproduction of the original Lug as a replacement for original Rogers Drums, but with a small design improvement; they have dropped the internal spring and replaced it for nylon inserts to hold the Lug inserts in place.

Each Lug comes complete with standard shell-mounting screws and it the best way for anyone with original Rogers Drums to replace any missing or broken Lugs. You’ve got to hand it to Steve Maxwell and the guys, they have really gone the extra mile in making the resurrection of Rogers parts a reality.