Rogers ‘Bread & Butter’ Die-Cast Lug


Hard to replace? Not any more…

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Rogers ‘Bread & Butter’ Die-Cast Lug (1959-64)

Another awesome reproduction part from the 21st Century Rogers resurrection team! This style of Lug covers Rogers Drums made between 1959 and 1964, the original being made of Drawn Brass with chrome plating.

Also known as the ‘Bread & Butter’ Lug, the ‘B&B’ Lug or referring to the two threaded tabs that mounted the Lug to the drum, the ‘Tab Lug’, these were prone to breaking over time due to the excessive stress on the mounting tabs – even under low tensions. Noting the old design flaws, the new Rogers team have made a faithful reproduction of the original Lug, but with a completely reworked Die-Cast manufacturing process to prevent cracking from any high tension or general wear & tear.

Designed as a replacement for original Rogers Drums, there is another improvement in the design; they have dropped the internal spring and replaced it for nylon inserts to hold the Lug inserts in place. Sometimes, even Rogers got it wrong in their designs so this will hold its appearance as an original vintage design whilst hiding some modern improvements for longevity.