Repro Ludwig Weather Master Bass Drum Head


Where’s that Joe-Boy?

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Reproduction Ludwig Weather Master Bass Drum Head

Who would like to take a trip in an oval-headed baby’s time machine and go back to buy some of those lovely old Ludwig Weather Master Bass Drum heads from the 1960s?

Yes? That’s you……is it? Well, you can’t! Rather than delve further into the mind of Seth MacFarlane, you may like to scan your eyes across our reproduction Ludwig Weather Master Bass Drum display heads, courtesy of our local Weather Master most ingenious creator, ‘Joe-Boy’!

Released upon America’s drummers in the 1960s, Ludwig Weather Master drum heads were touted as “…Mylar weather-free plastic heads…” due to their resistance to humidity and heat. It is well known how traditional calf heads were subject to atmospheric conditions and would play havoc with drum tuning as rooms warmed up. If, by some misfortune you were playing a gig outside without cover and it rained….well let’s not go there and instead praise the Gods of plastic for their great invention!

Our friend ‘Joe-Boy’ has managed to help supply to us (exclusively) with these reproduction drum heads, all single-ply with a smooth, glossy white finish, complete with the iconic 1960s Ludwig logo and ‘Weather Master’ stamp. If you want to install that unique retro image on a vintage kit purchase, we can think of no better way to do so than one of our ‘Joe-Boy’ heads!