Remo Silentstroke 14″ Snare/Tom Head


Mesh-up and smash it lad!


Remo Silentstroke 14″ Mesh Snare/Tom Head

Mesh drum heads are all the rage for home-practice and Remo Silentstroke drum heads can reduce the sound of your acoustic drums by 70-80%!

Remo actually make the drum heads for (the horrifically expensive) Roland electronic drum sets, so it seemed obvious to produce a drum head under their own brand name which would attenuate the volume of acoustic drums. However, unlike the Roland mesh heads, the Remo Silentstroke are only 1-ply and therefore, not really ideal for acoustic-electronic conversions. They will respond to externally mounted triggers, but if you’re thinking about using them with internally mounted triggers, then you really need a 2-ply head, minimum (better to use 3-ply for most accurate triggering).

Like we say, Remo Silentstroke are designed for acoustic drums and when fitted to the batter-sides, they will not only make your drum set home/neighbour-friendly, but they also feel really good to play. If you go the extra mile and fit them top and bottom on your Snare and Toms, you will need neighbours with the hearing of a bat to generate noise complaints!

Another interesting twist is, if you wanted to achieve a Concert-Tom sound on a double-heated set with normal batter-side heads fitted, you could remove the resonant heads and fit Silentstrokes to the bottoms! This would save the mess of cutting out old drum heads or worse still, removing your bottom hoops and tension-rods. Very neat!

Remember, mesh is not indestructible and mesh drum heads are susceptible to normal wear & tear, just like any other drum head. But at the end of the day, these heads will happily give up their lives to allow you to practice at home!

As expected, there are tons of videos out there demoing Silentstroke heads, but we particularly like this one featuring Nick D’Virgilio on a beautiful set of Gretsch Broadkaster drums…