Remo Rototoms (Sets of 3)


The original Prog-Rock drummer’s add-on…

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Remo Rototoms

*Rototoms have a 7-day ordering time*

A blast from the past or a taste of the future? Remo Rototoms will remain an iconic visual and sounding add-on drums for drummers exploring beyond the boundaries of 2 & 4 back-beats. There are no rules in music, especially in the world of modern Prog-Rock where songwriting is explored beyond the norm. Whilst electronics have opened up many possibilities, for those seeking to marry the old with the new, the addition of a set of Rototoms can open up a myriad of sounds.

What are Rototoms?

Consisting of a round steel frame with a rim, drumhead and tuning bolts, Rototoms are in effect, ‘shell-less’ drums (so you can’t call ’em “tubs”…) However, their unique selling-point is their ability to be gyrated on their mounting to change their pitch. But whilst we’d love to bore you with some Rototom science, a video tells the story much better…

YouTube video

Very melodic and versatile don’t you think?

We are selling these in sets of 3:

  • 6″, 8″, 10″ + stand, or…
  • 8″, 10″, 12″ + stand

For a musical demo of a drum-solo using a kit with Remo Rototoms for Racks and Floors, we can recommend hunting out the solo by Terry Bozzio on the 1979 live album by UK, ‘Night After Night’. At only 3 mins 45 secs in length, it’s not too gratuitous and contains some early electronic FX!