Remo Ringo Custom Snare Drum Head Pack


*No tea towel included.


Remo Ringo 14″ Custom Snare Drum Head Pack

The snare drum sound known round the world! This combination of Fiberskyn Ambassador batter over Ambassador Hazy and Canopus Vintage Dry wires dry your tub out while allowing it to speak openly. This warm, natural sound will let you rattle along and be present in the music but not overbearing. Plenty of character and tone. Fiberskyn Ambassadors are made from a standard 10 mil single ply of Mylar with a 2 mil polyester weave affixed to the batter side that warms resonance and subdues attack – closer to that of a real calf head in looks and sound. The real calf head batter was one of the Ringo’s lesser known secrets to his sound. That and a tea towel that ‘Let it Be’ sound. The Ambassador Hazy allows the drum to speak. The Canopus Vintage CPSL-14DR Dry wires are designed to coax the best from wood-shelled snare drums. These wires respond to the timbre of woodwarmth, openness and complexity and in fact enhance those characteristics. These wires allow drums to breath, while remaining sensitive, for the most natural sound possible. This means true, unfettered tone, every bit of punch your drum is capable of. Sonically, the closest thing to original Ludwig wires. Alls your missing now is the tea towel to throw over the top!

Sounds good, right?


  • 14″ Remo Fiberskyn Ambassador
  • 14″ Remo Ambassador Hazy
  • 14″ Canopus Vintage CPSL-14DR Dry Wires

This head pack is not available in any other sizes, 14″ only.