Remo Pinstripe Pick-Your-Own ProPack Drum Head Set

ADC’s personal take on the Remo ProPack – with a twist…

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Remo Pinstripe Pick-Your-Own ProPack Drum Head Set

ADC Drums bring you the classic sound of Remo Pinstripe drum heads in a ProPack set – but with a twist!¬† First¬† of all, we give you the option to build your own ProPack to suit your 4 or 5-piece set-up, which eliminates the grief of buying a standard 3-Tom head ProPack and ditching the size you don’t need.

Secondly, we include a Bass Drum head in ours so you can do the whole batter-sides in one clean blow! What’s not to like?

Toms and Bass Drum are naturally Remo clear Pinstripes, whilst the Snare Drum batter is the classic Remo coated 14″ Ambassador drum head. If you’re looking for that fat, 70s Steve Gadd sound, or a more durable alternative for your batter-sides, then Remo Pinstripes will deliver on the deep, clear, round tones and a playing lifespan longer than some other 2-ply drum heads.

How to Buy

  1. Choose the number of Tom heads you need
  2. Choose your Tom head sizes
  3. Choose your Bass Drum size
  4. Add to basket

No need to choose the Snare Batter, it’s included in the selection process.

If the idea of custom-choosing your own Remo drum head ProPack online floats your boat, then we bring that idea to life!