Remo 24″ Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 Ambassador Bass Drum Head


Fiberskyn 3 – The original synthetic alternative to Calf skin heads


Remo 24″ Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 Ambassador Bass Drum Head

Remo Fiberskyn 3 drum heads give a classic, natural timbre to any drums, adding character by utilising a poly-spun fiber laid on top of Remo’s standard single-ply Mylar film drum skins. The Powerstroke P3 version features a focused, warm tone with enhanced low-frequency definition and controlled overtones.


  • Single-ply 10-mil weight
  • 2-mil overtone-reducing inlay ring
  • Warm attack, full tone, natural resonance and sustain
  • Synthetic Calfskin emulation
  • Suited for both Batter & Resonant sides

Fiberskyn 3 drum heads combine classic Remo drum skin technology with synthetic fibers to recreate the vintage sound, look and feel of Calfskin. Anyone who owns a vintage drum set will especially appreciate Fiberskyn’s winning combination of recreating a golden era sound without the unpredictable atmospheric behavior associated with natural Calfskin. These are truly reliable repro vintage heads for today’s drummer.