Remo 18″ Fiberskyn 3 Diplomat Classic Fit Drum Head


Fiberskyn 3 – The original synthetic alternative to Calf skin heads


Remo 18″ Fiberskyn 3 Diplomat Classic Fit Drum Head

Remo Fiberskyn 3 drum heads give a classic, natural timbre to any drums, adding character by utilising a poly-spun fiber laid on top of Remo’s standard single-ply Mylar film drum skins. The Diplomat weight Fiberskyn 3 drum heads feature a warm, open, midrange tone with outstanding definition, sensitivity and controlled sustain.


  • Single-ply 7.5-mil weight
  • Warm attack, full tone, natural resonance and sustain
  • Suited for light/moderate playing styles
  • Synthetic Calfskin emulation
  • Ideal for playing with sticks, brushes and mallets
  • Great for Concert Orchestra & Jazz applications
  • Great for reso-side applications

What is a ‘Classic Fit’ Drum Head?

Remo Classic Fit drum heads are designed for vintage drum owners (especially Gretsch) who have drums which are slightly oversized or not perfectly round. Instead of a normal thickness flesh-hoop, the Classic Fit drum heads have a slightly narrower flesh-hoop allowing for a comfortable fit on older shells. Modern drums are manufactured to near-perfect diameters and shape whereas back in the day, shells were made with looser quality control. But that’s the beauty of owning a vintage drum set…

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Fiberskyn 3 drum heads combine classic Remo drum skin technology with synthetic fibers to recreate the vintage sound, look and feel of Calfskin. Anyone who owns a vintage drum set will especially appreciate Fiberskyn’s winning combination of recreating a golden era sound without the unpredictable atmospheric behavior associated with natural Calfskin. These are truly reliable repro vintage heads for today’s drummer.