Remo 16″ Clear Diplomat Drum Head


Whisper thin, don’t bash ‘em, install underside, brighten your life


Remo 16″ Clear Diplomat Drum Head

Remo Diplomat drum heads are thin, single-ply 7.5-mil drum heads mostly used as resonant-side heads. Due to their thinness, they are by far, Remo’s brightest, most open-sounding drum head delivering bright tones, resonance and maximum sustain.


  • light-weight, single-ply
  • 7.5-mil thickness
  • Most suitable as resonant-side heads
  • Warm, resonant sound with maximum sustain
  • Not advisable for batter-side unless you’re a Jazz tickler!

We’ve never had a customer using these top-side and we really don’t advise using them for playing on unless there are exceptional reasons for using a very thin head as a batter-side. But we’ve heard great results from these as resonant-side heads where the batter side has a muffled head (such as a Pinstripe) and there’s a need to bring back some brightness to the drum.

Used wisely, a Remo Diplomat will enhance the resonance of a drum shell.