Remo 14″ Coated Pinstripe Drum Head


No need for Moongels or ‘O’ Rings, unless you really hate your drums!


Remo 14″ Coated Pinstripe Drum Head

Back in the day, when we were nobbut lads, cheap and nasty drum kits were all us younguns could afford. Times were hard, and we needed to find a way to make our Maxwin kits sound like Yamaha 9000s – enter the Remo Pinstripe drum head, our saviour (and they lasted forever!)

Constructed from 2 plies of 7-mil film with a white frosted coating, Remo Pinstripe coated drum heads also incorporate an overtone reducing agent in their construction, visible around the outer edge of the skin. This bonded part of the skin acts like an internal control ring focussing the overtones into lower frequencies. The end result is an easier tuning drumhead and an almost instant studio-friendly sound.

Tuned nice and low, Remo Pinstripes are the equalizer of heads in the Remo drum skin world, having the same audible effect right across the board. Possibly Remo’s best selling drum head of all time, drummers keep coming back to the humble Pinstripe time after time knowing they’ll enjoy the instant gratification of that 1970s West Coast studio sound.