Remo 13″ Diplomat Hazy Drum Head


Thin, sensitive and very open-sounding, made for your Snare-Side…

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Remo 13″ Diplomat Hazy Snare-Side Drum Head

The Remo Diplomat Hazy Snare-side drum head is the go-to snare drum bottom head for Bonham nutters or orchestral players. As thin as it gets, but still made only – and only ever for the resonant-side of a Snare Drum.

Remo Diplomat Hazy heads offer the most open, resonant tones your Snare Drum wants to give you, combined with a perfect balance of high, mid and low frequencies. Constructed with 1-ply of 2-mil film, Diplomat Hazy is designed for specific Snare Drum use. Sensitivity is the aim of the game here.

Never use an Diplomat Hazy Snare-side on your batter-side, as you will make us laugh hysterically – you have been warned!