Remo 10″ Emperor X Snare Drum Head


Not for Mr Softy


Remo 10″ Emperor X Snare Drum Head

Remo’s most durable head by far (until you get to the Marching stuff!), the Emperor X is for drummers who play seriously hard!

Constructed from two plies of 10-mil coated films with a 5-mil black reinforcement dot on the underside, this is a head built for durability over sound. Not that you can’t achieve a good sound from the right Snare drum an Emperor X is installed on, you just don’t want it on a drum built for subtle sensitivity! Its strongest point sound wise is its uniform Remo ability to focus warm tones without completely killing the life out of a shell.

At 20-mil thickness, the Emperor X will give you extreme durability and fully control any nasty overtones you have in a bright metallic shell, such as a deep Brass Snare Drum. Would we advise installing to a wood shell drum? Well, if it’s an 8” deep old Sonor Signature Bubinga, then yes, by all means give it a whirl, but consider yourself crazy if you ever go near an old Radio King with one of these!