Promark LA Special 2B Nylon Tip Drumsticks


Promark sticks you won’t believe didn’t make the grade…

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Promark LA Special 2B Nylon Tip Drumsticks (12-pair brick-pack)

Promark make some of the best Hickory drumsticks on the planet and they ain’t cheap! However, lucky for us they have really high standards of manufacturing, meaning that there’s always a supply of their nearly-finest sticks that haven’t quite made the grade. Just because these sticks don’t pass for first-line perfect, there’s plenty of life in them as an amazing ‘seconds’ product, except we sometimes wonder exactly why they’re classed as ‘seconds’, still being of a very high quality.

With their ‘LA Special’ branding, Promark breathe life into their quality cast-offs and deliver a great feeling stick at a cheaper price-point. Promark state the only differences between LA Specials and their premium sticks are the weight and pitch selection process. LA Specials are not weight or pitch matched, so it’s a bit like buying premium sticks in the 1980s before we started putting drumming under the electron-microscope!

Although drumstick manufacturers use familiar stick model names, no two manufacturers use identical lengths or diameters for the same stick! A Promark 2B dimensions are as follows:

  • Diameter: .630″
  • Length: 16″

We offer our Promark LA Specials in very cost-effective bricks of 12 pairs, meaning you get the biggest saving possible on a bulk-buy deal. Remember folks, these are not Promark ‘premium’ grade sticks so do not be surprised with occasional inconsistencies with their cosmetic appearance, such as grain and surface colour. These are as we state, cosmetic and do not affect their durability as a ‘seconds’ product.