Paiste Sound Creation 32″ Earth Gong


Unfathomable, dark, mysterious…

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Paiste Sound Creation 32″ Earth Gong

Paiste have been creating & manufacturing gongs since the 1930s, recreating a traditional – and somewhat mysterious skill – that has been with us for over 3000 years.

This Paiste Sound Creation 32″ Earth gong is in the 3A Earth tuning.

According to Paiste, “each Sound Creation gong has its own extraordinary and particular sound character” and it’s a guarantee the Paiste 3A Earth version will contain all the varied sound colours and voices promised. Sound Creation gongs are renowned for theirĀ  impressive, charismatic sounds embodying a wealth of exemplary emotional sensations and feelings. In skilled hands, these instruments will deliver a wide range of harmonics and frequencies desired in therapeutic environments. Naturally, this has given them a place within the field of alternative Western medicine, just as gongs were doing so in far Eastern cultures centuries before the modern world.

In order to play a Paiste 3A Earth Sound Creation 32″ gong, you will need the skill to understand the complex sounds that can be extracted by the nature of stroke. The sound of these gongs can be influenced by their different diameters, weights, striking points and by no means least, the type of mallets used.

All Paiste Sound Creation 32″ Earth gongs are handmade and as such, are not mass produced on a factory conveyor-belt level. Any gong order will have a longer delivery time and even though our gong clientele fully understand this when they make their investment, we need to point out that gongs are not a next-day delivery item.

It seems we are finally waking up to the power and energy generated by gongs in the hands of skilled gong Masters, with Paiste leading the way by offering their vast range of gongs to healers and therapists throughout the Western world.

How do Paiste Describe this Gong?

…unfathomable, dark, mysterious, knowing, allowing, inexorable, kind…

Paiste gongs are a specialist instrument and are often in high demand with a back-ordering time. We try our best to keep track of Paiste gong production and provide accurate stock levels but if you want to speak to us about delivery times and stock levels, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to personally give you up-to-date information.