Paiste RUDE 17” Crash/Ride Cymbal


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Paiste RUDE 17” Crash/Ride Cymbal


The Paiste RUDE 17″ Crash/Ride Cymbal is a crisp, long sustain, powerful and professional quality cymbal from the renowned Paiste RUDE cymbal series which caters directly for aggressive music styles. Made in Switzerland to an expert high quality and proving to be extremely durable when put through the strains of touring the Paiste RUDE 17″ Crash/Ride delivers the perfect tone for a variety of heavy and aggressive music styles.

17″ RUDE Crash/Ride Cymbal

  • Weight: Extra Heavy
  • Volume: Loud To Very Loud
  • Stick Sound: Strong, Balanced
  • Intensity: Lively
  • Sustain: Long
  • Bell Character: Integrated
  • Sound Character: Very bright, raw, full, energetic. Wide range, complex mix. Heavy feel, responsive, explosive crash. Heavy purpose crash and crash/ride for loud playing.

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