Paiste 17″Traditionals Series Thin Crash


Thin & sweet


Paiste 17″Traditional Series Thin Crash


The Paiste Traditional 17″ Thin Crash Cymbal has a versatile tone and dynamic range. The Traditional cymbal’s tone has a warm wash with transparency, making it suitable for technical jazz musicians. The thinner weight offers a more sensitive range that can achieve both a lively and soft attack. The 17” diameter projects slightly more focused high frequencies for more presence in your cymbals’ mix. The hammered top produces a more complex harmonic response, as well as having instant playability

Weight: Light
Volume: Soft

Sound color: Dark
Frequency range: Wide
Frequency mix: Rough/Complex/Rich

Stick Sound: Washy
Response Intensity: Lively
Sustain: Medium
Bell character: Integrated
Feel: Soft

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