Ludwig Bass Drum Spurs, 1960s ‘Gull’ Style


Looking like a dog’s hind-leg and just as strong!

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Ludwig Bass Drum Spurs, Vintage 1960s ‘Gull’ Style

These are a pair of reproduction Ludwig Bass Drum Spurs based on the 1305C model which were installed on their 1960s drum sets.

Also known as ‘Gull’ style and often referred to as ‘dog-leg spurs’, these Ludwig Bass Drum Spurs are made in the USA from heavy-duty steel and fitted with tough rubber tips adding a little more stability and support than their original counterparts. Essentially, what we have is the same spurs, but with the refinements and subtle design improvements which comes from the benefit of hindsight and modern tooling.

We have seen many vintage Ludwig drum owners come to us asking if there is any way they can improve the stability and creep on their 1960s Ludwig Bass Drums, but without having to remove nut-boxes or make drastic changes to the aesthetics enjoyed from having the original Ludwig Bass Drum Spurs installed. Well, we can confirm that these babies slip inside the P-1216 style brackets and for whatever reason, seem to hold the Bass Drum in place better than the originals (when set up on a carpet).

Quick Removal Tip!

The original folding Ludwig Bass Drum Spurs often come with a steel stopper-ring installed to prevent them dropping out of the nut box. This can make them difficult to remove on first attempt, with many people trying to prise them off with pliers….don’t try this! The best thing to do is to remove the nut-boxes holding the spurs and gently twist the original spurs whilst pulling them until the stopper-ring eventually pulls off. You can even install the new spurs with the original stopper-ring in place by using the reverse process. Once on, you’ll never look back!

These spurs fold up snugly to the outside of the Bass Drum shell and take up minimal space in a case and we cannot recommend them highly enough as a carefully thought out modification to a vintage Ludwig kit.