Los Cabos 5A Red Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks


Tough, environmentally friendly and lovely to play!


Los Cabos 5A Red Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks (12-Pair Brick Pack)

Los Cabos Red Hickory drumsticks are made from the heart wood of the Hickory tree. This makes them easily amongst the toughest Hickory sticks around, made to last even the hardest hitting drummer’s sessions. Los Cabos’ Red Hickory stick durability comes from the density of the stick, but without sacrificing the feel often lost with heavier, denser Oak sticks. It’s like having the feel of normal Hickory without the extra weight of Oak.

Unlike their competitors, Los Cabos are unique, being the only drumstick manufacturer to retain 8% moisture content, whilst the others only manage 3%. This makes Los Cabos drumsticks less brittle than other brands and thus, more durable.

We offer our Los Cabos drumsticks in very cost-effective bricks of 12 pairs, meaning you get the biggest saving possible on a bulk-buy deal.

Made in Canada, Los Cabos run an environmentally friendly manufacturing process so even the waste wood shavings are recycled and used in their factory’s internal heating system. Any excess waste not suitable for burning goes to local Canadian farmers for animal bedding. So, you can buy your Los Cabos drumsticks with a clear conscience and have a great playing experience!