John Bonham Vistalite Head Pack

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Try it clear Bonham stylee….

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John Bonham Vistalite Drum Head Pack

Between 1973-75, John Bonham started to play an Amber Ludwig Vistalite drum kit during Led Zeppelin tours. This choice of transparent shelled drum kit was complemented with clear Remo CS ‘Black Dot’ drum heads on Toms and Bass Drum, with a Remo coated Emperor remaining on his Ludwig 402 Snare Drum.

In recognition of this classic drummer’s set-up, we are offering our very own Remo custom head pack containing Remo CS ‘Black Dot’ clear drum heads for your Bass Drum, Rack Tom and Floor Toms, and a Remo Vintage Emperor coated for your Snare Drum.

We would expect this deal to be of interest to the many Bonham fans out there who have chosen to replicate his set-up in some form and also for any drummers who may be in Led Zeppelin tribute bands. Obviously, we know not everybody can get the exact sizes in a Bonzo 1-up-2-down set-up and have seen this with some customers in Zep tribute acts. There’s not many old 26″ Vistalite Bass Drums knocking about you know…. However, it is known that during their first American tour between 1968-69, Bonham used a hired Ludwig kit featuring a 24″ Bass Drum and a 13″ Rack Tom. So if you’re in the ‘first US tour’ camp, then we have made sure your needs are fully covered!

So, to conclude, our John Bonham Vistalite drum head pack will enable you to skin the batter-side of your Bass Drum, Snare Drum, single Rack Tom and 2 Floor Toms.