Istanbul Xist Stacker Traditional Cymbal Set


Agop – real Turkish clobber.


Istanbul Xist Stacker Traditional Cymbal Set

Still to this day, we here at ADC have not heard a better-priced cymbal set than Istanbul Xists. Proper gear, hand beaten in Turkey, B20 Bronze, traditional finish – these fantastic cymbals very much conjure that classic Zildjian K sound …but without the crazy price tag that these cymbals can often command. Istanbul Agop was created by the man Agop himself, who was actually a cymbalsmith in the original Zildjian K factory. These cymbals are created with the traditional cymbal making techniques – no corners cut. Istanbul Agop only make top-shelf stuff so we shouldn’t be surprised at how good Xists are but the fact that no one else comes close in the price bracket?

This set is an ADC exclusive. A standard set of Tradition Xist cymbals consisting of hats, crash and ride but then a FREE 18″ crash and then an Ion Stack too!? Yes please! The 14″ Hi Hats have a great balance of crisp stick definition with dark, slushy tones and a soft but well-defined chick. The 16″ Crash is simply a classic, dark but not too dark, Turkish crash. The 20″ Ride, we’d argue, is the tastiest piece in this set and really is a hidden gem of the whole Istanbul Agop lineup as it has enough weight to cut as a classic ride, with a great balance between wash and stick definition, but then the weight distribution of the cymbal as a whole is just right to the point that it crashes fantastically! It has a great musical bell to round it all off. The 18″ Crash is an excellent contrast to the 16″, dark and warm. The Ion Stacker features an 8″ Ion Splash stacked on a 10″ Ion Splash, which together sonically sit brilliantly amongst the other cymbals. Short, biting but soft, when played so. Today, stacks seem essential but can be real pricey. However, this deal offered by Istanbul Agop and ADC keeps you within budget. Did we mention you get a FREE HardCase to protect all your lovely lids too?

This cymbal set includes:

  • 1x Pair of 14″ Xist Traditional Hi Hats
  • 1x 16″ Xist Traditional Crash
  • 1x 20″ Xist Traditional Ride
  • 1x Xist Ion Stacker (8″ & 10″ stacked)
  • 1x FREE 18″ Xist Traditional Crash
  • 1x FREE Cymbal Hardcase

Serious Turkish cymbals at a sensible price.