Istanbul Xist Dry Dark Electro Cymbal Set


Agop – real Turkish clobber.


Istanbul Xist Dry Dark Electro Cymbal Set

The Xist Dry Dark Series Cymbals were created as a bridge between the acoustic and electronic music. Organic – a modular cymbal lineup designed to be uniquely expressive as individual pieces or in unique pairings and combinations. Each cymbal exhibits a pointed attack with dark overtones and very quick decay and is soft and wobbly to play. Played alone they demonstrate a wide dynamic range and with organic, dark tones designed to not overpower other instruments. In combinations they can be uniquely percussive, modern and synthetic sounding. A great compliment for traditional straight ahead jazz, synth based music and modern, progressive jazz.

This is an ADC EXCLUSIVE. Want to hear what this set sounds like? Check it out on our, or Istanbul Agop’s Instagram page (adc_drums).

This cymbal set includes:

  • 10″ Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hats
  • 13″ Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hats
  • 16″ Xist ION Crash stacked on a 16″ Turk Crash
  • 20″ Xist Dry Dark Crash

The hi-hats Pointed, dark and trashy attack with a fast decay. When not used as a hi-hat pair, the top cymbal makes for a quick and trashy crash and the bottom can be used as an accent bell or rested on a drum as a mute or alternate sticking surface.

The Crash – Papery thin with an explosivetrashy attack and fast decay – also comfortable for light riding. Also works well as stacked crash. When the two crashes are stacked as a ‘Crasher Stack‘, they open up easily and speak quickly with a low rasp.

The Stack Hat – When loose, the weight difference between the Xist ION and Turk sizzle with an open rasp. But tighter, they cut with a bright, sharp hiss, white noise profile.


Contemporary Turkish lids.