Istanbul Xist Dry Dark 10″ Stack Hats


Agop – real Turkish clobber.


Istanbul Xist Dry Dark 10″ Stack Hats

The Xist Dry Dark Series Cymbals were created as a bridge between the acoustic and electronic music. Organic – a modular cymbal lineup designed to be uniquely expressive as individual pieces or in unique pairings and combinations. Each cymbal exhibits a pointed attack with dark overtones and very quick decay and is soft and wobbly to play. Played alone they demonstrate a wide dynamic range and with organic, dark tones designed to not overpower other instruments. In combinations they can be uniquely percussive, modern and synthetic sounding. A great compliment for traditional straight ahead jazz, synth based music and modern, progressive jazz.

Pointed, dark and trashy attack with a fast decay – these stack hats feature a pair of 10″ Xist Dry Dark Hi Hats with an additional 10″ Xist Dry Dark Splash which is inserted between the two Hi Hat cymbals even greater attack, a more prominent chick sound and quicker decay. When not used as a hi hat pair, the top cymbal makes for a quick and trashy crash and the bottom can be used as an accent bell or rested on a drum as a mute or alternate sticking surface.

Contemporary Turkish lids.