Istanbul Signature Agop Standard Cymbal Set


Agop – real Turkish clobber.

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Istanbul Signature Agop Standard Cymbal Set

The master cymbalsmith Agop Tomurcuk lived a life dedication to hand made craftsmanship and innovation in cymbal design. His small notebook contained a lifetime of cymbal making secrets and ideas for the eventual creation of this series. These cymbals are made according to these exacting specifications. They were the last project of his life. The Agop Signature Series are extremely dark, trashy, dry and complex.

This cymbal set includes:

  • 1x 14″ Agop Signature Hi Hats
  • 1x 18″ Agop Signature Crash
  • 1x 20″ Agop Signature Ride

The Hats – Extremely dry and dark, crisp chick sound.

The Crash – Paper thin, dark, dry and low pitched.

The RideDry stick definition with warm and complex overtones. Mellow crash/ride capabilities.


Unique Turkish lids.