Istanbul Agop Signature 20″ Crash Cymbal – 1580g


Welcome to the dark side…

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Istanbul Agop Signature 20″ Crash Cymbal

Istanbul Agop cymbals are the ‘magnum opus’ of the late Agop Tomurcuk, master cymbalsmith and founder of a Istanbul Cymbals. Using a notebook full of a lifetime’s worth of cymbal making alchemy, he set about on what was to be the final project of his life, resulting in the Agop cymbal range.

The Crash cymbals in this range are dry, dark and paper thin, with a fundamentally low-pitched characteristic.

The raw lathing during the manufacturing process leaves every cymbal with a distinctively coloured finish and as you would expect, unique sound. Agop’s final achievement after a lifetime spent in cymbal making has culminated in a range of cymbals bearing testament to his early years in the Turkish Zildjian ‘K’ factory. If you’re looking for dark, trashy and atmospheric cymbal sounds, this range holds an Aladdin’s cave of aural delights to explore.

The icing on the cake for us though, is the creator’s signature left on the surface. We can remember the first Istanbul cymbals coming into Liverpool around 1981 with their green logo. History has turned full circle as Agop’s final signature cymbal range carries the same coloured stamp as the fledgling Istanbul cymbals. And why is this? Simply because, green was his favourite colour!

When buying a high-end cymbal like this, it is not unreasonable to want a specific weight. Due to the nature of their manufacturing process and unlike Paiste, Istanbul are less stringent in creating a specific end-sound for a cymbal. There is no ‘Master’ cymbal to work from, their process is organic and every cymbal finishes its creation process in a loose ball-park regarding its sound and weight.

However, every high-end Istanbul cymbal is an individual creation with bland uniformity not being the goal, which they do very well! This is not to say Istanbul do not adhere to a framework of desired sound for every cymbal, so this is where the weight element comes into play.

A new generation of drummers are discovering the delights of Istanbul professional series cymbals, realising subtle weight differences in each cymbal can define certain characteristics in sound palette. With this in mind, the weight of this particular cymbal on sale is included in the listing’s title, allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase.

If you do not see the weight you want, please get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through our bespoke Istanbul cymbal ordering service.