Istanbul 30th Anniversary 24″ Ride Cymbal


The big three-oh for our Turkish friends


Istanbul 30th Anniversary 24″ Ride Cymbal

To celebrate their 30th year in hand-making Turkish high quality cymbals, Istanbul bring us their 30th Anniversary range of hand-crafted cymbals.

Restricted to but a handful of models, these are true individual works of musical art, each with its own uniquely hand-shaped bell, followed by intense, deep and comprehensive hammering. Finished off with the unique Istanbul cymbals pre-aging process, these are cymbals for the true connoisseur.

Istanbul 30th Anniversary Cymbals Characteristics

  • Hi-Hats: Papery thin with a very quick decay, also trashy but delivering a controlled wash.
  • Crashes: Thin with a quick decay and in keeping with their Hi-Hat brothers, also possessing a trashy, controlled wash.
  • Rides: This is where the real magic lies, with their rich & full yet definitive stick response, with a complex dark roar underneath.
  • Available to select by weight; please see our weight selection service page

Without a doubt, the Istanbul 30th Anniversary Series are specialist cymbals designed for players who simply know the sound they are seeking. If your regular gig is bish-bash-bosh in your local alehouse Rock band, then you best be moving on….nothing to see here folks…

In-Store Demo Before You Buy

Due to the specialist nature of this product, we do not show any 30th Anniversary Cymbals on display in-store. If you are considering purchasing any of the 30th Anniversary Cymbal lines, please contact us in advance and we will be more than happy to pre-arrange your personal viewing appointment.