Istanbul 30th Anniversary 20″ Ride Cymbal – 1900g


The big three-oh for our Turkish friends

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Istanbul 30th Anniversary 20″ Ride Cymbal (+ Leather Cymbal Bag)

To celebrate their 30th year in hand-making Turkish high quality cymbals, Istanbul bring us their 30th Anniversary range of hand-crafted cymbals.

Restricted to but a handful of models, these are true individual works of musical art, each with its own uniquely hand-shaped bell, followed by intense, deep and comprehensive hammering. Finished off with a unique pre-aging process, these are cymbals for the true connoisseur.

30th Anniversary Ride cymbals is where the real magic lies; they have a rich & full yet definitive stick response, with a complex dark roar underneath. They are really special cymbals which can be played to extract a multitude of sounds.

When buying a high-end cymbal like this, it is not unreasonable to want a specific weight. Due to the nature of their manufacturing process and unlike Paiste, Istanbul are less stringent in creating a specific end-sound for a cymbal. There is no ‘Master’ cymbal to work from, their process is organic and every cymbal finishes its creation process in a loose ball-park regarding its sound and weight.

However, every high-end Istanbul cymbal is an individual creation with bland uniformity not being the goal, which they do very well! This is not to say Istanbul do not adhere to a framework of desired sound for every cymbal, so this is where the weight element comes into play.

A new generation of drummers are discovering the delights of Istanbul professional series cymbals, realising subtle weight differences in each cymbal can define certain characteristics in sound palette. With this in mind, the weight of this particular cymbal on sale is included in the listing’s title, allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase.

If you do not see the weight you want, please get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through our bespoke Istanbul cymbal ordering service.

Without a doubt, the Istanbul 30th Anniversary Series are specialist cymbals designed for players who simply know the sound they are seeking. If your regular gig is bish-bash-bosh in your local alehouse Rock band, then you best be moving on….nothing to see here folks…