Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner


Polish up yer brass plates wi’this juice!


Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner

Groove Juice have been making dedicated cleaning products to keep your drum kit in top condition for over 20 years.

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner is an easy to use no mess cymbal cleaner. Simply spray the product on the cymbal surface and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel along the tonal grooves making sure cleaner is distributed evenly and leave on for approximately 30 seconds. Then rinse with warm water to remove all residue of the cleaner and towel dry the cymbal completely to remove all moisture.

Formulated for use on high quality professional bronze cymbals. Think A Custom, AAX and so on. However, do not use on colour-coated cymbals and always try a hidden test area before using this product on any cymbal. If discoloration occurs, discontinue use. Groove Juice should not harm the logos on most cymbals however, in very limited cases, the logo may be affected. If your logos are important to you, clean around them.

Health & Safety

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner is acidic so KEEP THIS PRODUCT AWAY FROM CHILDREN! Do not get in eyes, on skin, or inhale fumes. Always use in a well ventilated area. The use of rubber gloves is recommended. Maybe harmful if swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give milk, chalk solution, or water and call physician. In case of eye contact, flush with large amount of water and call physician.