Gretsch USA Solid Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum


Sometimes mistaken for a Ballistic Missile test…



Gretsch USA Solid Phosphor Bronze Snare Drums

Gretsch USA Solid Phosphor Bronze Snare Drums take pride of place in being the heaviest Snare Drums Gretsch make! Close your eyes and hold one of these, and you could easily believe you are holding something out of the Sonor factory from the 1980s – Horst Link would be proud! If crippling the ears of your band mates is of great importance, this drum will do the job for you without being asked to go quietly…


  • 5mm Phosphor Bronze shell
  • 45-degree Bearing Edge
  • Gretsch Lightning Throw-Off
  • Die-Cast hoops
  • ‘Snap-In’ drum key holder
  • 42-Strand Snare wire (20-strands on 13″ drums)
  • Louder than anything else you’ve got

For the Gretsch drummer who insists his/her drums are made in the USA and nowhere else, the Gretsch USA series Snare Drums offer a no expense spared build delivering a range of Snare Drums that are as good as it gets in American built Snare Drums.