Gretsch USA Brooklyn 14″ x 5″ Chrome Over Brass *USED*

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One of the few contemporary interpretations that still delivers, “That Great Gretsch Sound!”

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Gretsch USA Brooklyn 14″ x 5″ Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum *USED*

Why this drum? There’s so many tubs to choose from in today’s market. They all claim to be brilliant and some can get seriously pricey! Well this drum has a couple of features that made us pay attention and then when we heard one of these!? This is a snare drum that we recommend again and again. So the first thing, it is made in the USA! A proper American drum for under £500? And it’s a Gretsch too? Yes please! Great build quality, classic design and ‘That Gretsch Gretsch Sound.’ After that, the tone and tuning range is exactly what you’d hope for. The thin (1.1 mm) Brass shell delivers a warmth but with a WALLOP and plenty of bite too. We’re a fan of thin metal shells here. Having eight lugs means that the shell is more open sounding than its 6.5″ counterpart and is therefore easier to tune lower and coax more low-end out of a shell. The Gretsch 302 double-flanged hoops are solid enough to add a focus to the sound, rounding off this brilliant drum.


This is a used snare drum. It looks brand spanking new, apart from a scuff on the reso hoop (pictured). This drum has a used PowerStroke 4 batter with a fairly fresh Ambassador Hazy and a nice set of PureSound Blasters on the resonant side. Great sounding combo. This drum is otherwise pristine. Want to see and hear this thing? Go check out our Instagram page (adc_drums) – video uploaded shortly.

Gretsch Brooklyn Background Information

With their name taken from their home city, Gretsch Brooklyn drums symbolically represent the historical relationship between Gretsch drums and the Brooklyn backdrop that was the Gretsch factory home for so many years. Now made in South Carolina by a team of veteran drum builders, Gretsch Brooklyn drums have a sound that is instantly recognisable, yet subtly reinvented for the requirements of modern players. Expanding on traditional drum designs, the Gretsch craftsmen have worked to shape a sound that retains the fundamental Gretsch characteristics, while projecting a fresh voice.


Shell Rolled 1.1 mm Chrome over Brass
Badge Round badge
Bearing edge 30 degree
Finish Chrome
Throw-off Lightning Throw-off/Butt plate
Lugs 8 Lugs
Hardware Chrome
Hoops Gretsch ‘302’ 3 mm double-flanged Steel

Great drum, in store and ready to be shipped immediately!

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