Gretsch Renown Rack Tom: 13″ x 09″ in Piano Black


Rack ’em up high…


13″ x 09″ Gretsch Renown Maple Rack Tom in Piano Black

If you want to expand your Renown maple drum kit, we can supply Gretsch Renown individual Rack Toms. This Gretsch Renown Rack Tom comes with Gretsch’s low-profile GTS Tom suspension system installed. Please note, there is no Tom arm included in this sale!

All Gretsch Renown Maple Rack Toms have the following collective features:

  • 7-Ply Gretsch Formula Maple shells
  • 30-degree bearing edges
  • Silver Sealer interior finishes.
  • Remo drum heads

If nothing from the Renown drum set configurations grab you, why not build your own Renown maple drum set from single drums?

The Gretsch Renown Maple series offers incredible tone by retaining classic Gretsch features whilst projecting a warm, distinctively Gretsch sound, with an added contemporary punch. Manufactured in Taiwan, these drums remain the choice of many pro players who recognise the serious quality of the shells, hardware and above all, that “great Gretsch” sound. These make great all-round drums for Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&B and for the working drummer, there really isn’t a better drum series in its price-point!

Gretsch Drumsover 150 years of drum manufacturing history that just gets better!

Please note: due to UK distributors varying stock levels, individual drums can sometimes take longer to order. We will advise you of any delay before finalising your order payment.