Gretsch Renown Maple Shell Bank!

Make your own bank of Renown!

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Build Your Own Gretsch Renown Maple Drum Kit

When the manufacturer’s standard shell-pack options don’t float your boat, then you need to use our Gretsch Renown maple shell bank! (If you are looking to buy only one single Gretsch Renown add-on drum then please visit our web-page where you can do just that!)

Whilst the standard Gretsch Renown shell-packs are more economical to buy, fact is, one size does not fit all. We know how fussy drummers can be and seeing as Renown maple drums are amongst the most sought-after shells by working drummers on the block, being beautifully made and at the right price-point. With their 7-Ply Gretsch formula maple shells, 30-degree bearing edges and classic silver-sealer interior finish, it’s no wonder drummers want to refine their buying choices!

You may want 1 Bass Drum, you may want to be like Terry Bozzio and have unlimited Bass Drums! We hope you will find this is the ideal opportunity to put together a multi-shell option personal shell bank. For instance, you could put together some incredibly versatile setups from buying 20″ & 22″ Bass Drums, 12″ & 13″ Rack Toms and 14″ & 16″ Floor Toms. Just from those shells, you could make a traditional ‘Super Classic’ set-up from 22/13/16, a ‘Downbeat’ set-up from 20/12/14, or you could go contemporary with 22/12/14/16 or simply 22/12/16 – the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination!

How to Buy

No doubt, you will have done your Gretsch Renown Maple research on the Gretsch website and noted the sizes and finishes available. You may have even checked out our Gretsch Renown Maple shell-pack pages to see what standard options are available. After that, it’s up to you to order the shell-pack of your dreams!

  1. Choose a Shell Finish
    1. Pick a finish for all your drums; this is not a one-way ticket though! You can change your mind before you go to checkout at the purchase-review stage. Please note, Gretsch’s premium finishes are more expensive than their standard ones.
  2.  Choose the Number of Shells You Want
    1. There is a minimum order of 3 shells and we are giving you the opportunity of buying 1 of each available shell – however unlikely that may be!
  3. Choose Your Shells
    1. You will now be able to choose each shell size for the quantity of drums ordered in a step-by-step process.
  4. Do You Need Any Tom-Holders?
    1. Do you want to mount Rack-Toms from your Bass Drum or from stand-attached Tom-Holders? If you do, then you will be offered a choice of Tom-Holders. If you don’t want any Tom-Holders, then you will skip to the purchase-review stage.
  5. Choose the Number of Tom-Holders You Want
    1. Just like choosing how many shells you needed, do the same for your Tom-Holder requirements.
  6. Choose Tom-Holder(s)
    1. The Renown series only offers 4 Rack-Tom shell-sizes. You can choose from a variation of Tom-Holder to suit your needs.
  7. Check Your Shell-Bank Components!
      1. This is the final step before committing to checkout. You still have the chance to remove items and go back to make changes, but after this step, it’s checkout and payment.

The Small-Print

Unlike other standard items available on this website, this is item is deemed as ‘custom’, ‘bespoke’ or ‘made-to-measure’. Therefore, this item does not have the protection of an automatic 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period! Once you have paid for your shells, you cannot cancel or change your order. Please be aware of this before you commit to purchasing and be sure to check our terms & conditions page for further information. This does not affect your statutory rights in respect of returns due to manufacturing defaults.


As with most custom orders, the nature of the request means that the order is not deemed as ‘off-the-shelf’ and will need to be put together on an individual basis. Therefore, before committing to purchasing, you must be prepared to wait anywhere from 3-6 months for order completion. However, we can assure you, Gretsch Renown maple shells always worth the wait!