Gretsch Renown Maple E823 ‘Studio’ Shell Pack


12, 16, 22 – the ultimate in versatile…

REMEMBER! These listings are for shell-packs – Snare Drum/hardware/cymbals NOT included!



Gretsch Renown Maple E823 ‘Studio’ Shell Pack

Gretsch Renown Maple drum kits are designed for the touring drummer who requires “That Great Gretsch Sound“. The Renown Maple E823 shell pack is a ‘Studio’ style setup which mixes the perfect combination of 22/12/16 shells for recording. These are dream sizes for any sound engineer and just listen to how this shell configuration sings on this video from Czechoslovakia:

The tones from these shells are so musical! What’s more, the Renown Maple E823 comes in a variety of finishes which will really enhance those retro visuals on stage.

In case you are not sure what a shell pack is, it is a set of drum shells without a Snare Drum and any other stands or pedals. All mounts, holders and legs are included but essentially, it is a ‘bare-bones’ configuration and normally a choice for experienced or professional players.

Gretsch Renown Maple E823 Components

  • 1 x 12” x 8” Rack Tom with GTS mount
  • 1 x 16” x 14” Floor Tom & legs
  • 1 x 22” x 18” Bass Drum, drilled & plated
  • 1 x GTH-SLC Tom Holder

That’s what you get in the box – nothing more!

The Renown Maple series offers incredible tone by retaining classic features whilst projecting a warm, distinctively Gretsch sound, with an added contemporary punch. This latest release of Renown Maple drums comes with a change from Die-Cast hoops to the player-friendly ‘302’ hoops – the same hoops found on their Brooklyn and Broadkaster series drums. Their numerically named ‘302’ hoops produce a similar focused sound to Die-Cast hoops, but are lighter in weight and less rigid, allowing the drum to breath a little more to achieve its maximum resonance.

Gretsch Renown Maple Drums – At A Glance

  • 7-Ply Gretsch Formula Maple shells
  • 30-degree bearing edges
  • ‘302’ hoops
  • Low profile GTS tom suspension system
  • Low-profile Rack Tom & Floor Tom leg brackets
  • Silver Sealer interior finishes.
  • Remo drum heads.

Remember folks, there are no stands, Snare drum or pedals included with any of these Renown shell packs!