Gretsch GRGACBA Boom-Arm


When you need to hang a Splash over your Rack-Tom…


Gretsch GRGACBA Cymbal Boom-Arm

Made for inserting into a Gretsch Bass Drum mount, the Gretsch GRGACBA boom-arm allows you to position that 10″ Splash cymbal neatly over the Toms (as endorsed by JW the Taxi man!) or any other small to medium-sized cymbal.

The Gretsch GRGACBA has a 7/8″ diameter down-tube with a 1/2″ (12.7 mm) diameter solid, ribbed boom-arm which can also be positioned into the down-tube for a purely straight and vertical set-up. The cymbal-tilter is of the infinitely-variable design (it has no teeth like our very own Sir Jason T!) with white Gretsch cymbal-felts and all wing-nuts on the unit have a Gretsch ‘T-Rod’ design.

If you are looking to mount a cymbal from a modern Gretsch Tom-holder, then this is the hardware you are looking for.