Gretsch Grand Prix Full Range Aluminium Snare Drum


Gretsch Chrome-over-Brass perfection…


Gretsch Grand Prix Full Range Aluminium Snare Drum

Aluminium shell Snare Drums always bring to mind Ludwig 400s, but don’t assume the Gretsch Grand Prix aluminium Snare Drum sounds like a slice of Ludwig’s past – no way Jose! These guys have their own ‘great Gretsch sound’, thanks to the 1.2mm rolled aluminium shell at the heart of the drum.

As for the rest of the drum construction, the bearing edges are a perfect 45-degrees on top of which, sit a pair of Gretsch’s ‘302’ 3mm double-flanged steel hoops. The Snare throw-off is Gretsch’s ‘Lightning’ model providing easy adjustment to the set of 20-strand Snare wires which are fitted as standard. Oh yes…before we forget, some of you may be interested to know this is a 10-lug drum.

So now you’ll no doubt want to hear how a ‘Grand Prix’ sounds? Luckily for us, Andrew Marshall (drummer for Billy Eilish at the time of writing) has done some video demos…

The 14″ x 5″ Model

YouTube video

There’s clearly more ring and metallic vibes than usually associated with traditional aluminium shells, which are often drier in tone.

The 14″ x 6.5″ Model

YouTube video

You can hear why it’s part of the ‘Full Range’ series…there’s nothing whatsoever, empty, about that drum.

Whilst not USA made Gretsch drums, the Full Range series are exceptional quality builds with only their location of manufacture making the price difference. Sound wise, there really isn’t anything in it!

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