Gretsch GR9608-2 Round Badge Throne


Look cool + be comfy = play better!


Gretsch GR9608-2 Orange Round Badge Pro Drum Throne

O.K., Gretsch just seem to put this orange Round Badge logo on everything aaaaaand… we just love it! We’re suckers for this particular Gretsch branding. Proper solid threaded base, comfy round top and then looking as cool as this? What’s not to like!?

What they say:

“The Gretsch round throne features a 13” plush padded top with the classic Round Badge logo. The heavy-duty double braced tripod base has a spindle height adjustment with our distinctive T-rod wing screw. Gretsch logo isolating rubber feet secure your throne and prevent sliding on almost any surface.”

Just so you know, here’s what’s so good about the Gretsch Round Badge Drum Thrones…

  • Comfy plush seat
  • Gretsch Round Badge Branding
  • Adjustable, threaded, heavy duty base
  • Three leg base

You can’t go wrong with one of these beauts! Park your rear right here!