Gretsch BroadKaster Drum Kits

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Gretsch BroadKaster Drums – Custom Order Your Own Drum Kit

Gretsch BroadKaster drums are the classic shells that made Gretsch the Jazz drum set of the 1950s.With classic thin 3-ply shells made without reinforcement rings, the Gretsch BroadKaster drum kits launched what we know today as the “Great Gretsch Sound”.

Refining their shell making techniques, Gretsch went on to create their ‘reverse roundover’ bearing edge, making Gretsch BroadKaster drum kits as the most sought after drums in the contemporary Jazz world.

Today, Gretsch have recreated their BroadKaster drums to traditional specifications, utilising the advanced drum making techniques of today and delivering that legendary sonic brilliance to a new generation of discerning drummers.

Gretsch BroadKaster Drums Build Features

  • 3-ply North American Maple/Poplar/Maple shells
  • Interior-ply scarf joints for reinforcement
  • Classic Gretsch ‘Silver Sealer’ on interior shells
  • Hand finished ‘Reverse Roundover’ bearing edges
  • Gloss, Satin or Nitron wrap finishes

BroadKaster drums do not come in the usual run-of-the-mill shell-pack options, if you want a Gretsch drum kit of this quality, with our help, you can custom build it yourself! If you already know what you want and are ready to discuss your dream BroadKaster shell-pack, contact us by email or call us on 0151 227 3271 and we’ll guide you through the order process so you get exactly what you desire at the best price in Europe!

If you need to know a little bit more about what is possible in a Gretsch BroadKaster custom build, then read on…

Gretsch Finishes

This is where you’ll have a hard time choosing, as Gretsch have really pushed the boat out on their hand-finished shells!

Black-Silver-DucoBlack-Metallic-GlossAzure-GlossAntique-Maple-GlossAmber-Walnut-BurstPowder-BlueSun-Amber-GlossSolid-Yellow-GlossSilver-MistSeafoam-Green-GlossSavannah-SunsetRosewood-GlossPurpleGretsch-OrangeJade-GreenMillennium-Maple-GlossMillennium-Maple-WalnutMystic-BlueNatural-GlossPiano-Black-GlossPiano-White-GlossGold-MistEbony-GlossDark-Ebony-GlossChestnut-DucoCaribbean-Blue-GlossCandy-Apple-RedCadillac-Green-GlossBurnt-Orange-GlossSatin-Dark-WalnutSatin-EbonySatin-Ice-Blue-MetallicSatin NaturalSatin-PurpleSatin-RosewoodSatin-Sun-AmberBlue-DucoSatin-Dakota-RedSatin-Chestnut-DucoSatin-Cherry-RedSatin-Caribbean-BlueSatin-Cadillac-GreenSatin-Burnt-OrangeSatin-Black-Gold-DucoSatin-Azure-BlueSatin-WalnutSatin-TobascoSatin-Tobacco-Vintage-White-BurstWhite-Marine-PearlWhite-GlassVintage-Oyster-WhiteVintage-Marine-PearlVintage-Champagne-SparkleSilver SparkleSky-Blue-PearlSolid-BlackSolid-WhiteTangerine-GlassTangerine-SparkleTurquoise-SparkleTwilight-GlassSilver-GlassRuby-Red-PearlRed-SparkleRed-GlassPurple-GlassPeacock-Satin-flameGreen SparkleGreen-GlassGold-SparkleGold-GlassDeep-Black-Marine-PearlBlue-SparkleBlue-GlassBlack-Satin-FlameBlack-GlassAqua-Satin-Flame60s-Marine-Pearl
Black Silver Duco
Black Metallic Gloss
Azure Gloss
Antique Maple Gloss
Amber Walnut Burst
Powder Blue
Sun Amber Gloss
Solid Yellow Gloss
Silver Mist
Seafoam Green Gloss
Savannah Sunset
Rosewood Gloss
Gretsch Orange
Jade Green
Millennium Maple Gloss
Millennium Maple Walnut
Mystic Blue
Natural Gloss
Piano Black Gloss
Piano White Gloss
Gold Mist
Ebony Gloss
Dark Ebony Gloss
Chestnut Duco
Caribbean Blue Gloss
Candy Apple Red
Cadillac Green Gloss
Burnt Orange Gloss
Satin Dark Walnut
Satin Ebony
Satin Ice Blue Metallic
Satin Natural
Satin Purple
Satin Rosewood
Satin Sun Amber
Blue Duco
Satin Dakota Red
Satin Chestnut Duco
Satin Cherry Red
Satin Caribbean Blue
Satin Cadillac Green
Satin Burnt Orange
Satin Black Gold Duco
Satin Azure Blue
Satin Walnut
Satin Tobasco
Satin-Tobacco/Vintage White Burst
White Marine Pearl
White Glass
Vintage Oyster White
Vintage Marine Pearl
Vintage Champagne Sparkle
Silver Sparkle
Sky Blue Pearl
Solid Black
Solid White
Tangerine Glass
Tangerine Sparkle
Turquoise Sparkle
Twilight Glass
Silver Glass
Ruby Red Pearl
Red Sparkle
Red Glass
Purple Glass
Peacock Satin Flame
Green Sparkle
Green Glass
Gold Sparkle
Gold Glass
Deep Black Marine Pearl
Blue Sparkle
Blue Glass
Black Satin Flame
Black Glass
Aqua Satin Flame
60s Marine Pearl

Nitron Wraps

These are beautiful wrap finishes which are truly stunning in the flesh! Take your pick from glittering sparkles, pearls and glass finishes, very easy on the eye for the retro-lovers.

Satin Wood Finish

Wood finishes without a high gloss shine which will highlight the natural differences in the grain of the Maple shell. Due to the nature of natural wood, shades shown on-line may differ slightly in natural light. However, every unique hand-finished satin finish tells its own story…

Gloss Wood Finish

Gloss Wood finishes like their satin counterparts, will also highlight the natural differences in the base shade of the Maple shell. Due to the nature of natural wood, shades shown on-line may differ slightly in natural light. Gloss finishes have an extra drying time but we can say from our own in-house experience, they’re worth the wait

Hardware Options

Buying into Gretsch BroadKaster gives you the option to have your shells fitted with standard (modern) shell hardware, or go fully retro with vintage shell hardware (extra surcharge applies). The vintage option comes with the following features as standard fittings:

  • Vintage Rail Mount for single Rack Tom mounting
  • Vintage ‘Pratt’ Muffler
  • Disappearing Bass Drum legs
  • T-Handle Bass Drum tension rods
  • Vintage L-Arm Bass Drum cymbal mount

Bass Drum Hoop Options

  • Satin and Gloss finished shells come with their respective matching finish applied to their Bass Drum hoops as standard.
  • Nitron wrap shells come with a Satin Black finish applied to their Bass Drum hoops as standard.
  • Customise your Bass Drum hoops with an inlay of Nitron wrap at no extra cost!

Delivery Time

REMEMBER! These incredible drums are made to order, you are not buying into a factory conveyor-belt system, so be prepared to wait 5-8 months for completion. Paint finishes can take longer to cure so please factor this into your delivery time. However, this is no fly-by-night investment on your part and definitely, worth the wait.

For the best price and to discuss your personal requirements, please call us on 0151 227 3271 or email us.