DW Drums Design Series Acrylic Shell-Pack, 5 Drums


5 DW shells in seamless clear acrylic…

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DW Drums Design Series Acrylic Shell-Pack, Clear

Expertly assembled in Drum Workshop’s Taiwanese operation, the Design Series raises the bar by bringing top-end drums at a more accessible price-point. By no way means does that mean cheap, think in terms of Gretsch’s Renown Series and you will know the stunning build of drums we are talking about!

This Design Series acrylic shell-pack is a 5-drum kit made in a clear, seamless acrylic and sets a new standard for the quality and affordability of acrylic drums. These drums are bright, punchy and dry with some tight low-end on the bigger shells. Check out Nick D’Virgilio taking the kit through its paces…

The acrylic shells have that unique dryness normally associated with acrylic drum shells and the overall build is total Drum Workshop, through and through.

From the sleek silver and white Drum Workshop badge to the Remo USA-made Suede ‘outline’ logo heads, Design Series styling looks fresh and familiar. Custom-inspired features also include ‘True-Pitch’ tuning-rods and their legendary ‘MAG’ throw-off on the Snare Drum. The newly-designed mini ‘turret’ style tuning-lugs reduce the all-round the weight of the drums and reduce stress on the acrylic shells.

The Toms benefit from graduated chrome counter-hoops meaning the smaller drums on the kit feature thinner hoops which allow the drums to resonate more freely producing much richer sounds. Another feature of the Design Series Rack-Toms is the ‘STM’ (Suspension Tom Mount) system which allows the drums to resonate independently thanks to minimal hardware-to-shell contact.

If you’re looking for that crisp Ludwig Vistalite sound in a modern drum set at a mid-range price-point, this shell-pack carries all the sound under what has become, a classic American drum marque.

What’s Included in the Sale?

This sale is for the 5 DRUMS + HOLDERS – no other hardware, pedals or cymbals are included!

Shell dimensions are as follows…

  • 22 x 18″ Bass Drum
  • 10 x 8″ Rack-Tom
  • 12 x 9″ Rack-Tom
  • 16 x 14″ Floor Tom
  • 14 x 5.5″ Snare Drum

Ordering/Delivery Information

Due to the challenging trading conditions at the time of this listing, we are not yet keeping this item in store – though it is in stock with Drum Workshop’s EU-based supplier. Therefore, delivery to us from the distribution centre will be 7-9 days from date of ordering.