DW Design Series Mini Pro 4-Piece Shell-Pack


Compact, top-end ‘Jungle’ shell-pack from DW…

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DW Design Series Mini Pro 4-Piece Shell-Pack

Drum Workshop (AKA DW) originally created their Design Series Mini Pro outfit as a child’s high-end build drum set (the Design Series is most definitely top-spec swag), but it actually became popular as an all-round ‘Jungle’ style kit, due to its compact sizes. Built around a 16″ Bass Drum, these drums are extremely portable and have all the features one would expect from a high-end Drum Workshop drum set.

So what does it sound like?

Punchy, tight with a sweet sounding ring…thanks to this publicly-available video available on the Memphis Drum Shop’s You Tube channel.

Shells are made from 8 plies of North American Maple in Drum Workshop’s ‘HVLT’ shell construction and for those into the science of it all, there’s even a short video about it…

But us old timers won’t getting into all that! We remember when ‘drum shell science’ didn’t exist and you just played the darn things! But moving on…the Rack Tom comes with Drum Workshop’s STM suspension Tom-mount and all drums are fitted with their ‘True Pitch’ tension rods. The Snare Drum comes with the Drum Workshop ‘MAG’ throw-off and the drums are all skinned with DW’s REMO-made drum heads.

What’s Included in the Sale?

This sale is for the 4 DRUMS + HOLDERS – no other hardware, pedals or cymbals are included!

Shell dimensions are as follows…

  • 16″ x 14″ Bass Drum (inc Tom-Holder & riser)
  • 10″ x 6″ Rack Tom
  • 13″ x 9″ Floor Tom (inc legs)
  • 12″ x 5″ Snare Drum

Ordering/Delivery Information

in stock with Drum Workshop’s EU-based supplier. Therefore, delivery to us from the distribution centre will be 7-9 days from date of ordering.