DW 9000 Single Pedal


If 5000 isn’t good enough for you, then have a word with your bank manager…

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DW 9000 Single Pedal (DW9000PB)

Designed for the heavier player in mind, the DW 9000 single pedal is definitely the Panzer Tank of the DW pedal family. With its wider baseplate, the DW 9000 supports some serious metal between its two upright posts, containing more adjustments than a Chancellor’s pre-budget statement. However, the footboard remains the same width as the DW 5000, so you won’t be pedalling more metal.

There are a few more adjustments and modifications in a DW 9000 single pedal than found on a 5000 single pedal, but the main emphasis of difference we would say lies within its construction and appearance – it’s quite a monster!

DW 9000 Single Pedal Features

  • Infinite Adjustable Cam can be changed from Accelerator to Turbo, or any setting in between
  • Non-skid rubber grip & adjustable spikes on baseplate
  • Dual-chain sprocket-less drive-cam
  • Can be converted from chain-drive to strap-drive (nylon strap provided)
  • Patented Floating Swivel-Spring increases efficiency, lowers resistance & delivers incredibly smooth feel
  • Tri-Pivot toe-clamp, adjustable for any hoop size or angle
  • Drum-key clip-on holder installed on baseplate
  • Classic 101 2-way beater
  • Patented DW Delta ball-bearing footboard hinge
  • Comes with its own Nylon case

The DW 9000 is a serious investment, but it does offer the heavier player the best combination of speed, feel and power built into a solid piece of metal. It doesn’t guarantee you will reach blistering foot-speed overnight, but it will aid you in technique development, as long as you are prepared to put the work in! This is a precision built tool and although it will not microwave your feet into George Kollias, it’s a great pedal from which to start working towards your personal goals.

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DW 9000 Pedals offer the heavier footed drummer an unequalled combination of speed, feel and power, thanks to a whole host of design innovations from the house of DW. If other pedals seem a little too light underfoot, then the DW 9000 series is a more substantial offering where solidity and quick response are essential.