DW 5000 Double Pedal (Classic Single-Chain Accelerator)


Our company was basically founded on the 5000 pedal and we’ve always considered ourselves a pedal company first. I’m really proud of this new pedal and we’ve only improved upon an already good thing. We were really careful not to reinvent the wheel.

Don Lombardi


DW 5000 Double Pedal (DW5002AH4)

Not content with the success of their 5000 series single pedal, the first DW 5000 double pedal arrived onto the American market around 1983, with its ingenious slave-side add-on and bent slave-side beater shaft! Since then, designs improved and changed to the standard double pedal units we see today. It is probably fair to say, during the late 1980s every other manufacturer was looking towards DW to see what their next design in double pedal engineering would be before actually taking the plunge themselves. By the mid 1990s, the DW 5000 double pedal was by far, the most natural feeling double pedal on the market and remains a best-seller today.

DW 5002AH4 Double Bass Drum Pedal, at a Glance…

  • Original slim footboard
  • Non-skid rubber grip & adjustable spikes on baseplates
  • Single-chain sprocket Accelerator drive-cams
  • Dual-bearing spring rocker assemblies
  • Tri-Pivot toe-clamp, adjustable for any hoop size or angle
  • Drum key clip-on holder installed on baseplate
  • Classic 101 2-way beaters
  • Patented DW Delta ball-bearing footboard hinge
  • Single post casting on slave-side pedal
  • Aircraft grade aluminium connector-bar, light and fluid
  • Classic red baseplate you will love forever!
  • Feels like meeting an old friend!

Known as an industry standard in drum pedals, DW have made many subtle changes to the 5000 series over the years, resulting in better performing pedals whilst retaining their original, unique identity. The DW 5000 double pedal 5002AH4 model is the classic Accelerator pedal design, no doubt reissued due to high demand for the simple design. Many drummers thought the mandatory introduction of the wider footplate and dual-chain sprocket on the 5000 series was a step too far away and have welcomed the return of the classic DW pedal.

At this point in pedal design, you either stop here and realise it doesn’t really get any better, or start questioning whether it’s the pedal or your foot technique at fault, because we can guarantee, a DW 5000 is all the pedal you should ever need.

The pedal that launched the DW company into the hearts and minds of drummers Worldwide. DW 5000 remains the flagship pedal of the Drum Workshop company, earning its truly legendary status in the history of pedal design. With its iconic red footplate and Accelerator or Turbo Cams, this pedal remains a timeless reminder to what all drum manufacturers at some point have tried to copy into their pedal designs since the 1980s.

There will only ever be, one DW 5000 double pedal.