DRUMnBASE Vintage Persian Stage Mat, Black/Red


Belly-dance the night away on this Persian pickle of Belgian threads…

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DRUMnBASE Vintage Persian Black/Red Stage Mat

Adding a stage mat into your personal space on a gig certainly makes its mark. Lay down one of these elegant vintage Persian rugs on the stage floor and you’ve marked your scent!

With dimensions of 130cm x 90cm (that’s 52” x 36” for youowldarses!), these stage mats  are not quite as big as a standard drum mat, but drummers could certainly use one under a Bebop setup or a percussion rig. If you only really need to secure the heart of your kit and don’t mind a bit of overspill from the legs of your stands, then one of these stage mats could be a far more portable option.

If you use a drum-rack then it’s likely you won’t need the slippage protection for the entire footprint of your kit. With a smaller mat in place securing your Bass Drum and Hi-Hat stand, you can let the rack take care of everything else.

For other band members, these are great for placing amps on and they really set the stage, creating a mysterious, cool vibe. Some might say, adding a stage mat is almost of ceremonial significance…but whilst your pondering on that thought, here’s some more essential info:

  • Dimensions = 130cm x 90cm laid flat
  • 5mm total thickness, including 2.5mm anti-slip rubber backing
  • Upper layer constructed from durable polyamide velour
  • Does not curl up like other mats
  • Easy-clean with soap and water
  • Surface rejects woodchips from sticks
  • Colours are resistant to fading under UV light
  • Easy to transport, rolls up to 90cm x 11cm x 11cm
  • Weight = 3Kg
  • Made in Belgium (like Volvos!)

With their vintage worn-colour styling, DRUMnBASE have really brought their imagination and eye for detail to a functional and essential accessory for the gigging musician.