DRUMnBASE Vintage Persian Bonzo Drum Rug


Keep it steady, captain!


Drum n Base Vintage Persian Bonzo Drum Rug

O.K., we’re not gonna lie, this thing is pretty badass. Having a good rug for gigging is essential but one that looks cool too? Sign us up! The DRUMnBASE Vintage Persian Bonzo drum rug is a heavy duty carpet weighing 8 kg with a thick 2.5 mm anti-slip rubber backing. The 4 mm thick top is made of polyamide velour giving grip and durability. Rolls up easy and won’t curl over time – this is not like other drum mats! You can even fold it into squares, triangles or whatever! Furthermore, the top surface is easy to clean, is UV resistant and waterproof.

Guarantee your gig comfort every time with this DrumnBase drum mat and make sure that drum kit doesn’t move an inch!


  • 1.84 m x 1.6 m
  • RIGID with a capital R
  • 2.5 mm Anti-slip rubber back
  • This mat rolls up flat and stays flat, no curling up!
  • Reduced vibrations!
  • 4 mm strong & durable velour top (easy to clean)
  • Giving the right vibe
  • Made in Belgium

This is a high quality piece. Right out of the ’70s. Would look good with a Luddy kit on it…

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***These are quite a large items to ship so we fold in half and box them up to keep the courier charge down. It does not damage the mat. If you wish for your mat to be sent unfolded, the shipping charge increases to £25 – available at your request.***