Drum Dial – Increase Your Drum Tuning Prowess!


Drum tuning can be a struggle with the old tubs, but apply a bit of science with the mechanical Drum Dial and let those tensions ease away with the convenience of a Pitbull’s slipper… are you still reading this far?

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Get Tuning Done with the Original Drum Dial

Who hates drum tuning? Don’t all answer at once, but we can sympathise with those tearing-the-hair-out scenarios lots of you go through in search of that perfect drum sound.

Strangely enough, here at ADC, we love drum tuning and we love it the hard way! Yes, that means getting down and dirty with our crusty ears and a drum key, tapping at the edges and tweaking the tuning bolts until we hear ‘the note’. Sometimes this strange ritual can take 10 minutes; sometimes it can take 2 hours. There are no shortcuts when taking the challenge of Homo Sapien & drum key versus an awkward drum sitting silently with an ominous air of, “tune me if you dare…”

But there is another way to get drum tuning done without going into all the heavy detail and scientific stuff. Imagine how much time you could save for catching up on Love Island if you could tune your drums in half the time! Enter the Dyson of the drum tuning world – the Drum Dial.

With a Drum Dial in your hands, you can quickly and precisely tune your drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension instead of the torque on the tension-rods. Measuring the torque on the tension-rods is very good for, well…measuring the torque on your tension-rods and applying equal torque.

All well and good, but equal torque on your tension-rods doesn’t mean equal tension at the surface area of the drum head next to each rod. In spite of the superb modern methods of drum head manufacturing, they are still susceptible to stretching at different tolerances under the same torque from the tension-rods. Therein, lies the beauty of the Drum Dial.

Because the Drum Dial measures drum head tension directly from the drumhead, it gives you a reading at each tension-rod point allowing you to dial in the same head tension at each point. Imagine being able to find the sweet spot of every one of your drums and find it again, every time you changed a drum head; it’s a drummer’s dream come true!

Original Drum Dial Features

  • Measures ‘Timpanic’ pressure not tension rod torque
  • Silent operation
  • Ability to repeatedly tune to a particular pitch
  • Easily tunes in loud environments
  • Compact and user friendly

The original mechanical Drum Dial allows you to precisely tune your drums faster and easier than ever before. With its high-quality manufacture and design, this is a tuner that really works to help you achieve consistent tuning, time after time!

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