Custom Percussion Deluxe Red Memory Foam Round Top Drum Throne




Custom Percussion Deluxe Red Memory Foam Round Top Throne

Can’t stomach the price of all the top-shelf drum thrones!? Still need a solid, comfy stool? Fear not! Custom Percussion thrones come with the same heavy weight Custom Percussion base that comes with Roc ‘n Soc thrones! Sculpted cushions made of high grade memory foam, covered with a soft cloth, finished with a vinyl trim. The seat is a rather a thick and is obviously, rather comfortable! It relieves pressure on your rear, promotes good circulation and allows greater freedom of movement, i.e. you play like a beast! The cloth cover allows the body to breathe during hours of sitting. The bases are meaty and have a manual spindle with a 7/8 ” (20 mm) fitting. They are chunky as hell, three-legged and have non-slip feet. The base supplied in this listing is the high base (18 ” – 24 “).
If you want the best without emptying your bank account, you’re looking at it! More comfort and comfort means everything which lead to you playing better! Treat your rear! This is a European exclusive to ADC Drums, limited stock, get one while you can!

Whether you’re a youngster or a bunch of old moaning gits like us, it’s never too late to change your drum throne for a healthier model!