Chalklin WG2 Wind Gong Mallet


Great mallets for Paiste gongs + nipples + wind…(just read the listing will you!)


Chalklin WG2 Wind Gong Mallet

The Chalklin WG2 Wind Gong Mallet features a metal handle and medium yarn wound head. The mallet is carefully balanced for a comfortable, natural feel and whilst it is perfect for wind Gongs, it will also work on tuned gongs, nipple gongs or any other smaller gong.

Some Info About the Company

Chalklin have been making mallets since 1971 and they certainly know a thing or two about their craft! By acting on the input of players and teachers all over the world, they have honed their products to suit the specific needs of tuned percussionist.

Their products are made from the finest materials by true artisan crafts-persons, highly skilled in the art of making percussion mallets. As an alternative to other mallet manufacturers, in particular Paiste, this is a product of equal quality at a lower price-point.

We strongly suggest you try a Chalklin mallet before paying out bigger bucks for a mallet with an expensive name-tag!