BrushFire Wire Brushes


Close your eyes with these in your hand and you could be in Carnegie Hall in 1938…

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BrushFire Wire Drum Brushes

Back in the day when Swing bands ruled the airwaves, Slingerland had two household names playing their wire brushes & drums – Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich (you might have heard of them…)

Fast forward a few decades, and the Swing era remains a golden age in history with information about equipment used shrouded in mystery.

Enter Thomas Osborne, employed at Slingerland for 14 years, with access to original manufacturing production methods and now making BrushFire wire brushes to the exact specifications as the brushes used by Krupa & Rich.

BrushFire wire brushes are made using the same materials as sourced over 50 years ago, with exceptional attention to detail regarding:

  • The wire gauge used
  • The type of rubber & ribbing style on the handle
  • The balance & weight of the brush

The result – a verbatim reproduction of the wire brushes used by the great players from the Swing band era that modern brush players are raving about! It’s like having a time machine and being able to take a trip back to 1930’s Chicago to buy a pair – except you can get them directly from ADC Drums and forget about Prof Stephen Hawking’s theory on time travel!

For that authentic Swing era wire brush experience, choose BrushFire brushes and avoid a trip in Stewie Griffin’s time machine!