Bopworks ‘West Coast Model’ Drumsticks SOLD OUT


Vintage replica sticks made with modern techniques


Bopworks ‘West Coast Model’ Drumsticks

A must for the old-school vintage enthusiasts, Bopworks drumsticks are replica designs of drumsticks from the days when Jazz & Swing music ruled, but made with modern manufacturing techniques.

This means that although Bopworks drumsticks have a look of sticks from the yesteryear, their consistency and quality control come in at the same level of perfection that players demand in the 21st Century.

Made from select Hickory, Bopworks drumsticks feature a taper on their neck not seen on modern sticks and a very distinctive vintage wooden tip shape. They are also deliberately lighter than other modern stick manufacturers whilst remaining as tough as a modern drumstick.

‘West Coast Model’ Specifications

  • Inspired by the cool Jazz scene of the 1950s
  • Slightly longer and thicker than the ‘Birdland’ stick
  • Great response on Ride cymbals
  • Diameter: .520″, Length: 15-13/16″
  • Tips produce dark cymbal sounds with clear articulation
  • Precisely manufactured replica vintage styling
  • Lighter weight produces great cymbal rebound
  • Dense enough to produce solid drum response
  • Perfect for authentic Jazz & classic R&B styles

If you’re into retro gear and are searching deep for a stick that will compliment your setup, Bopworks drumsticks will take you a step closer into stepping into the past!