Andante Pro Series Bass Drums


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Andante Pro Series Marching Bass Drums

Andante Pro Series Bass Drums are designed in a traditional style to produce rich tones and a balanced, responsive crystalline clarity.

Constructed from 4-ply Birch, Andante Pro Series shells are augmented with two 8-ply reinforcement rings and fitted with 10mm hoops, low mass claws and lightweight, slim-line Aluminium Lugs for maximum shell resonance and reduced weight. With their rigorous quality control checks at each stage of production, Andante ensure every drum from their production continues to carry the excellence and reliability Andante are famous for.

Andante Pro Series Bass Drum Specifications

  • 10 flush fitting Tension screws on each head
  • Easy even tensioning across the heads
  • Damping fitted and tuned as standard
  • Rich, responsive tone
  • Integrated shell-mounted carrying hook
  • Lugs finished with tough, durable, oven-baked powder-coated finish
  • Lightweight Die-Cast Aluminium Claws in chrome or oven-baked powder-coated finish

*Remember* Andante Pro Series Bass Drums require a 5mm T-Key to adjust, assemble and dismantle which we can also supply.

Andante are a company who design their Marching Drums to be as light as possible whilst retaining maximum strength and durability. Their Snare Drums give a solid, sharp crack with easy-fit Snare Wires top & bottom to give a highly responsive Snare action. By refining their designs over the years, Andante now offer their drums with the lowest maintenance requirements possible and with external fittings designed not to damage uniforms. With so much thought and experience put into their products, you can be sure when buying Andante you are buying the best.